I have a threefold approach to my vision for the Benton County Sheriff’s Department:

  •  Maintaining the highest levels of accountability
  • Increasing public trust through community partnerships
  • Offering transparency of the Sheriff’s office to the citizens of Benton County

I will listen and collaborate with stakeholders to develop solutions that are in the best interest of our County and our community.

No person running for political office ever lost an election by saying they will be tough on crime. I am tough on crime. We do hold offenders accountable for their actions. The difference is that I believe that should be balanced with being “smart on crime”. We can never build enough jail cells to hold everyone who breaks the law and as we know, even the most violent offenders eventually get released. We need to balance being tough with helping people with a plan after release.

That plan would include partnering with the community. I believe that the Sheriff can lead in that regard. We have amazing resources and very compassionate people in our community. We need to tap in to that. We need to explore data proven strategies that can help certain offenders to lead a productive life once released from jail. The most expensive part of the criminal justice system is a jail. The Jail is 25% of the entire Benton County Budget. It works but it is expensive. Less restrictive alternatives have been proven to show a true return on the investment which is best for the taxpayers and individuals who are suffering from mental health issues that get compounded with drug and alcohol issues. No one wakes up one day and says “I want to be an alcoholic or a drug addict”. There is some issue in their life that caused them to self-medicate. We can certainly hold offenders accountable when they break the law. Wouldn’t it be good to invest in the future and do our best to ensure that they don’t return to jail after paying their debt to society? That is being “smart on crime”.

An equally big issue facing our community is the continuation of the Public Safety Tax (.3%). In just a few years that will go back to the voters for renewal. The voters will only support it again if we have made our case that it is needed and they trust us.

As sheriff I will work each day to earn the public’s trust. I will lead by example and encourage every man and woman in the Sheriff’s Office to work each day to earn the public’s trust. It applies to everyone and has to be a priority each day. How do we do this? It starts with being accountable to the public, to the other elected officials and to our law enforcement partners and to the men and women of the Sheriff’s office. We must effectively communicate by listening well. We will collaborate with our stakeholders in order to develop solutions that in the best interest of this great community. Finally, we must be transparent. We do that with our partners in the media and through social media. We tell our story. I will honor the Sheriff’s Office through clarity of message and openness with our community.

My knowledge of the community, my education, and my law enforcement experience make me the perfect executive level candidate to bring a fresh perspective for real solutions to criminal justice issues in our community. Together we can make this an even better place to raise a family, go to work, go to school, and enjoy recreation. This is my home and I am eager to serve as your Sheriff.

On November 7, 2017 vote for
Ken Lattin for Benton County Sheriff

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